Dr. Douglas Jutte, Pediatrician and Researcher:

"I see lots of babies, young children, and every single one has bright eyes. As a society, we burn that out of them. They get the dull eyes from where they grow up and what resources are available. Purpose Built Communities, you're in the bright eyes business."
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Working with Local Leaders

Purpose Built is a nonprofit consulting firm of community revitalization experts who work with local leaders to transform struggling neighborhoods.
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A Home is the Heart of Any Community

High-quality mixed-income housing is the foundation of a strong, safe, healthy and sustainable community.
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Cradle-to-College Education Pipeline

From early childhood though high school and on to college, it takes an effective education pipeline to build brighter futures.
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Community Wellness

The Purpose Built model includes a community-specific mix of facilities, programs and services to improve the overall quality of life for residents.
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Vision & Approach

Warren Buffett Shares the Vision

Warren Buffett, co-founder of Purpose Built Communities, talks philanthropy and the Purpose Built model with Brian Moynihan of Bank of America. This video was shot at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University in September of 2013.

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Break the Cycle

Revitalizing the American Dream

Rodney Byrnes, Vice President, Real Estate Development at Strategic Capital Partners and a leader in the Avondale Meadows Revitalization Project in Indianapolis, discusses how to help break the cycle of poverty and revitalize the American Dream at the TEDx.

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Member Conference

Conference 2014 Presentations

The Fifth Annual Purpose Built Communities Network Member Conference, held September 29th – October 1st, 2014, in Charlotte, NC was packed with a powerhouse lineup of speakers and attendees. Read key presentations from our conference.

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