South City Foundation

Tallahassee, FL

South City is a historic community in Tallahassee, Florida that borders a promising commercial district. Once a central hub for many residents, the area has languished over the years from inadequate public infrastructure and lack of economic development. Despite various challenges, South City’s location near downtown and the availability of vacant lots make it a prime community for redevelopment and reinvestment without displacement.

South City Foundation Initiatives

The South City Foundation is partnering with the Tallahassee Housing Authority and Columbia Residential to redevelop the Orange Avenue Apartments, a central housing development in the heart of South City. This will create opportunities for high-quality, mixed-income housing where all residents can thrive.

With the support and leadership of Leon County Schools and Whole Child Leon, efforts are underway to establish a seamless cradle-to-career education pipeline to ensure student growth, learning, and achievement at every level.

We are also engaged in an on-going dialogue with south side health stakeholders to introduce community wellness programs and facilities that promote healthy, productive lives.

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South City Foundation Team

The South City Foundation is led by a robust Board of Directors and Advisory Council, blending the experience and expertise of local stakeholders, business owners, executives, funders and educators. The day-to-day operations, however, are managed by a small, but mighty team with decades of community empowerment and nonprofit management experience between them.

Meet the South City Foundation team