Blueprint 15

Syracuse, NY

The East Adams Street neighborhood was devastated in the 1950s and 1960s to make space for Interstate 81. Since then, similar social and economic policy decisions have limited this neighborhood’s potential for growth. The looming decision of the New York State Department of Transportation to replace the current Interstate 81 viaduct presents a transformational opportunity for the community.

Blueprint 15 Purpose

The mission of Blueprint 15 is to work with community residents, local leaders and other partners to revitalize the East Adams Street neighborhood and create the conditions necessary so that every person has a genuine opportunity to achieve their highest potential. Blueprint 15 will:

  • Lead the revitalization initiative to make sure the housing, education, and community wellness components have long-term success
  • Ensure neighborhood residents are heard, included, and assisted
  • Serve as a point of accountability for all partners and funders

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The Neighborhood Vision

The vision for the neighborhood includes 1,110-1,400 new mixed-income apartments that will be part of a broader mixed-income neighborhood that holistically addresses the needs of the residents across a spectrum of incomes by creating a highly amenitized neighborhood that includes excellent neighborhood schools, education and economic development opportunities for all ages, health and wellness programs, transportation access, recreational opportunities and commercial investment.

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