We’re with you every step of the way

We help your community identify and assess what strategies and tactics make sense to determine whether the Purpose Built model will work in your neighborhood. If there is a good fit, we help you develop a master plan tailored to your community’s unique situation, vision, challenges and needs.

That master plan ultimately will address all the elements of the model as a strategic plan, which we will then help you operationalize into time-specific segments to assist you in moving through each phase of the revitalization process.

Key Steps include

We work with you through every part of the process, which includes these key steps:

  • Assessing the Neighborhood
  • Identifying and Engaging Key Partners
  • Engaging Residents
  • Developing Strategic and Operational Plans
  • Implementing the Plans
  • Evaluating Progress
  • Refining the Process
  • Staying the Course

We Provide Customized Consulting Services

We bring a model for holistic community revitalization that we know works, and that will get Network Members from vision to transformation in 10 years.

Dedicated Community Advisory Team

The Purpose Built team of highly accomplished professionals has subject-matter expertise in real estate development, local government support, transformative education strategies, resident engagement, and more.

Introductions to Partners

Our team members have cultivated and maintained relationships throughout the community development arena, with funders, foundations, real estate developers, education providers, community and health providers, and federal, state, and local government officials.

Best Practices

The Purpose Built team has developed and maintained a wealth of knowledge with respect to holistic community revitalization. As subject matter experts, we are frequently featured in articles, publications, and conferences on various aspects of holistic community revitalization. We share this information with Network Members.

A Community of Practice

The Purpose Built Membership Network brings together leaders engaged in applying our model of holistic community revitalization at the local level. This creates a unique community of practice where Network Members share challenges faced, lessons learned, best practices, resources, and more.