Northside Development Group

Spartanburg, SC

The Northside was once home to the sprawling Spartan Mills, and area fortunes can be tied directly to the rise and eventual fall of the mill. The mill’s smokestack remains, along with the nearby railroad tracks, reminding the community of its industrial past. Today, the Northside Development Group leads a diverse coalition of people investing time and resources for a safe and strong Northside community.

Northside Leadership

The most ambitious redevelopment effort in Spartanburg’s history will not come easy. It takes strong leadership, unprecedented partnerships and strong support from community leaders and organizations. The Northside leadership team and its partners bring capacity and diversity to the initiative.

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The Northside Vision

Primary outcomes, resource commitments, and metrics have been identified for each of the focus vision areas:

  • People
  • Neighborhood
  • Housing
  • Education