• 120 Units designed for Phase I of a plan to build for affordable housing for individuals and families at 40% -60% of area median income (AMI), provided by DHIC, Inc.
  • Pre-K – 5 Southeast Raleigh Elementary School is under development, with plans calling for the facility to have recreational services through a partnership with a YMCA facility scheduled to open in 2019.
  • 32 Thirty-two acres along Rock Quarry Road purchased for a new YMCA, as well as a community health center and gardens.

Bringing New Hope to Southeast Raleigh

Southeast Raleigh Promise believes that if we focus our collective resources and creativity in five key areas; education, quality affordable housing, health & wellness, economic opportunity and leadership development, we can improve outcomes for the children and families of Southeast Raleigh today, and for generations to come.

A Bright New Corner of the Triangle

Southeast Raleigh is rich in culture, diversity and promise. There’s no part of the city with more potential to grow and add vitality to our region than Southeast Raleigh. A positive and sustainable impact is only possible if everyone works together in a way much different than we have in the past.

A Community Investment in the a New Future

We envision a site, along the Rock Quarry Road corridor, that has tangible, physical resources including a state-of-the-art YMCA with quality wellness facilities, a Pre-K-5 school, safe and affordable housing for families, access to healthy food, and accessible spaces for recreation and play. While it takes a significant investment to build these physical resources, it takes an even greater investment to ensure that residents of Southeast Raleigh have an authentic and active role in shaping the way these resources serve the community. We are committed to that investment.