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Combating Structural Racism

Purpose Built Communities’ podcast series, This is Community, is returning with a new season. In season two of This is Community, we present conversations with thought leaders at our annual conferences about the effects of racism.

Holistic approach, proven model

PBC Model to holistic revitalization

Defined Neighborhood

Focus on defined neighborhoods where transformative programs and infrastructure can be established; if we can change the place, we can change outcomes for the people who live there.

Community Quarterback

Usually a newly-created nonprofit, it leads the revitalization by engaging community members, building partnerships, securing funding, and ensuring implementation of the housing, education, and wellness components of the model as part of the community’s vision.

Mixed-Income Housing

Offer an environment with high-quality construction and practical amenities surrounded by safe walkways and streets, transforming the way residents view themselves and their neighborhood.

Cradle-to-College Education

Establish an arena for student growth, learning, and achievement at every level starting at birth, and implement a rigorous and relevant curriculum to help ensure successful futures through college and beyond.

Community Wellness

Provide a community-specific mix of facilities, programs, and services that honor local history, reflect the priorities of residents, promote healthy lifestyles, create jobs, and reduce crime.

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Atlanta / East Lake

Recognized by the Urban Land Institute as a national model for community redevelopment, the East Lake Foundation was created in 1995 to help transform one of Atlanta’s most troubled neighborhoods. Working from the belief that everyone deserves a chance to succeed, the foundation offers tools that enable residents to build brighter futures. Each year, hundreds of visitors come to East Lake to learn how our guiding principals might bring about similar changes in their own communities.

Atlanta / Focused Community Strategies

Focused Community Strategies (FCS)
1297 Jonesboro Road SE
Atlanta, GA 30315

Atlanta / Grove Park Foundation

Grove Park Foundation is dedicated to revitalizing the Grove Park neighborhood and improving the quality of life by working with local partners, leaders and residents to create a healthy, equitable and vibrant community. Using the Purpose Built model for holistic neighborhood revitalization, we will help bring transformational change to this area of Northwest Atlanta.

Birmingham / Woodlawn Foundation

Woodlawn Foundation represents an unprecedented partnership for the city of Birmingham -- a coalition of organizations and programs committed to breaking the cycle of poverty in one of the city’s great historic neighborhoods. Dedicated to creating a safe community with quality mixed-income housing, thriving businesses, and a haven for children to live, learn and play, Woodlawn Foundation is ensuring a new beginning where Woodlawn is embraced as a healthy and desirable neighborhood for families to grow and thrive.

Charlotte / Renaissance West

The Renaissance West Community Initiative is spearheading the revitalization of the old Boulevard Homes in Charlotte, North Carolina. Boulevard Homes was a failed housing project on the west side of Charlotte that had five times the city’s violent crime average in 2008. Community leaders have crafted a vision for success, and they are leveraging existing investments to truly create a community where everyone can succeed.

Columbus / PACT

PACT’s vision is to create a healthy, financially and environmentally sustainable community where residents have access to safe and affordable housing, quality healthcare and education, and employment opportunities on the Near East Side of Columbus, Ohio.

Fort Worth / Renaissance Heights

Renaissance Heights United is a partnership dedicated to the proposition that everyone deserves the opportunity to live and raise their children in communities where they can achieve their full potential.

Grand Rapids / AmplifyGR

Grand Rapids / AmplifyGR
In partnership with residents, businesses and community organizations, AmplifyGR seeks to widen pathways so that all residents have a greater opportunity to participate in and benefit from community growth.

Houston / Connect Community

Connect Community is a broad-based and expanding coalition of best-in-class service providers who are working in partnership to provide aligned education, literacy, career, and spiritual, health, and wellness services in the Sharpstown/Gulfton community, a high-poverty area of Houston.

Indianapolis / Avondale Meadows

The Meadows Community Foundation is dedicated to restoring a once proud Indianapolis community that had fallen into a desperate state following decades of decline. The Foundation has developed Avondale Meadows as a shining example of what is possible with the right strategic planning and partnerships.

New Orleans / Bayou District

The nonprofit Bayou District Foundation was created by a group of civic-minded leaders committed to rebuilding and renewing the Bayou District in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. By transforming a formerly crime-ridden neighborhood into a vibrant mixed-income residential community, the Bayou District Foundation is spearheading one of the largest urban transformation projects currently underway in the United States.

Omaha / Seventy Five North Revitalization Corp.

Seventy Five North Revitalization Corp. is focusing on holistic neighborhood revitalization initiatives that will introduce mixed-income housing choices and quality educational opportunities in a community of Omaha that has been neglected for decades. Backed by a dynamic leadership group, Seventy Five North Revitalization Corp. is determined to impart significant change

Omaha / Southside Redevelopment Corporation (SRC)

Southside Redevelopment Corporation (SRC)
2411 O Street, Suite 1
Omaha, NE 68107

Rome / South Rome Redevelopment

The South Rome Redevelopment Corporation is committed to holistic neighborhood revitalization initiatives that combine mixed-income housing choices with quality educational opportunities for children and adults. We are dedicated to ensuring that South Rome is a clean, safe, vibrant and beautiful community, as well as a pleasant place to live, work, worship, and learn.

Spartanburg / Northside Development Group

The Northside Development Group, led by the Northside Development Corporation, represents a comprehensive approach to community redevelopment that is without precedent in our community. The transformation involves a collective effort of dozens of partners representing local business, health care, education, non-profit and philanthropic sectors, as well as significant contributions from private citizens and local residents.

Syracuse, NY / Blueprint 15

819 South Salina Street
Syracuase, NY 13202

Tallahassee / South City Foundation

1126 Lee Avenue
Tallahassee, FL 32303

West Palm Beach / Northend RISE

Northend RISE is a community-based solution focused on breaking the cycle of poverty in the Northend Neighborhood of West Palm Beach.

Purpose Built Communities
was established in 2009

after the successful transformation of the East Lake neighborhood in Atlanta. By applying the holistic model to other areas of concentrated urban poverty around the nation, Purpose Built Communities is helping local leaders make a positive impact in some of this country’s most distressed neighborhoods. We have a growing network of a dozen members leading comprehensive revitalization initiatives, and we are only just beginning.


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We provide a solution to concentrated poverty. Learn more →