Purpose Built Communities was established in 2009 based on the premise that every neighborhood should have the resources and amenities it needs to be worthy of the people who live there.

The Purpose Built model for impact gives local leaders a roadmap for ensuring prosperity starts with place.

The Purpose Built Communities team provides pro-bono guidance, coaching, and support to these local leaders, their staff, and stakeholders in implementing and growing our resident-centered holistic model of revitalization in their neighborhoods.

To achieve racial equity, improved health outcomes, and greater economic mobility in neighborhoods that have suffered from decades of disinvestment, it takes a holistic approach.

Meaningful, lasting change requires a long-term commitment from a coalition of community leaders and residents.

Pathways of Opportunity

We help guide communities seeking assistance to make positive changes because we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live and raise their children in communities where they can achieve their full potential.

Cross-Sector Collaboration

We know the ins and outs of community revitalization, but the people who live and work in the communities we serve know best what is needed and what will and will not work for them as we develop avenues to prosperity for the lowest income families.

A Growing Network

Our goal is to launch and nurture as many of these transformational efforts as possible to maximize the number of people who can reap the benefits of healthy, supportive communities where everyone can thrive.

We are a giving, loving, group that is willing to learn, so we come with a certain humility, knowing that local leaders know what is best.
- Shirley Franklin, Former Executive Board Chair for Purpose Built Communities

Purpose Built Communities is supported by:

Ballmer Group
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Blue Meridian Partners
Cousins Foundations
GA Power
KPMG Foundation
Warren Buffett

Where We Thrive is Now Live

We have launched Where We Thrive – resources for place-based field advocates to talk about our collective work – resident-centered neighborhood revitalization – and how best to execute it through the lens of racial equity.