• 400+ The core redevelopment element of REACH Riverside involves more than 400 high-quality, mixed-income housing units that will replace 293 units currently serving Wilmington public housing residents. The 25 acres that house the project, combined with 12 acres owned by health and wellness partner Kingswood Community Center, will serve as the foundation of the project.
  • Pre-K to 8 In partnership with EastSide Charter School and Kingswood Community Center, REACH Riverside will offer early learning from birth through 8th grade with a neighborhood high school on the horizon.
  • 43,000 sf Adding to an expanded Kingswood Community Center offering a full range of wellness services, REACH Riverside is collaborating with The Teen Warehouse, Inc. and local youth serving organizations to transform a 43,000-square-foot building into The Warehouse, where Wilmington youth can the access programs and services they need to help them grow into confident, courageous and competent young adults.

Tucked away in the northeast corner of the city, Riverside is one of Wilmington’s oldest and most underserved neighborhoods. Once a vibrant, working-class community, a lack of economic development , resources and attention has led to high rates of unemployment, poor educational outcomes and crime. Today, residents are eager to define a new future for their community.


REACH Riverside aims to improve the quality of life for residents by implementing community-led strategies that will enhance economic opportunity, build a safe and strong neighborhood and ensure a dynamic framework for quality growth and development.


In partnership with Riverside residents and multiple community partners, REACH will transform a neighborhood plagued by poverty and poor health outcomes into a robust community by providing a range of new resources including community gardens and comprehensive wellness services.