REACH Riverside

Wilmington, DE

Tucked away in the northeast corner of the city, Riverside is one of Wilmington’s oldest neighborhoods. Once a vibrant, working-class community, the area experienced decades of disinvestment. Today, residents are eager to define a new future for their community.

REACH Community

REACH Riverside (REACH is an acronym for Redevelopment, Education and Community Health) aims to improve the quality of life for residents by implementing community-led strategies that will enhance economic opportunity, build a safe and strong neighborhood and ensure a dynamic framework for quality growth and development.

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REACH Partners

REACH Riverside collaborates with the Wilmington Housing Authority, EastSide Charter School, the Kingswood Community Center, and several other organizations to provide its programs and services.

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An historically vibrant close-knit neighborhood of families who have watched their potential stifled in recent years, Riverside residents know that now is the time to thrive. Meet the team that is transforming the Riverside Neighborhood into a healthy, vibrant place to live and thrive.

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