Bonus Episode: Taking her seat at the table: “It’s about time!”

Having the courage and confidence to take on leadership isn't always easy, but in the case of Mashonda Taylor, Executive Director of Woodlawn Foundation and Valencia King, president of the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association in Birmingham, Alabama's Woodlawn neighborhood, it was inevitable. This conversation reveals the influence strong, Black, female leaders are having in the Woodlawn community in Birmingham, AL. Their collaboration and partnership is helping to bring about holistic community revitalization and creating healthier places for residents. Listen


Investing in Communities to Improve Childhood Opportunity and Well-Being

It is often said that ZIP code is more important than genetic code in determining one’s health and opportunities. If that’s the case, how can pediatricians enable healthy and opportunity-rich environments for all children? A recent article published in the November-December 2021 issue of ScienceDirect presents successful examples of community development efforts targeting child health and opportunity… … Continue Reading →


Why is early learning a central element of neighborhood revitalization?

An essential component of the Purpose Built approach to ending intergenerational poverty is a focus on early childhood education. Most of the resources and formal interventions dedicated to preparing children for school don’t start until age four. And while pre-kindergarten is critical, the science is clear: life outcomes are best for children when education starts as close to birth as possible. … Continue Reading →