Seventy Five North Revitalization Corp.

Omaha, NE

The Highlander neighborhood sits less than a mile from downtown Omaha in its emerging midtown area. Acquisitions of large parcels of land by Seventy Five North have presented a unique real estate opportunity with the potential for enormous community impact.

A Clear Purpose

Seventy Five North felt a single-mindedness of mission was critical to the success of any redevelopment effort in North Omaha. Given the stubborn nature of generational poverty and neighborhood decline, this project couldn’t be an offshoot of an existing organization designed to serve a variety of needs. This project had to be the reason the organization existed in the first place.

Meet the Seventy Five North Team

Highlander Initiatives

Seventy Five North works to convene community members, educational partners, and the philanthropic community to shape the Highlander neighborhood. These partners are aligned in a vision of high-quality housing, thriving schools, recreational facilities and other neighborhood enrichment amenities that are conducive to residents’ ability to live full and enriched lives.

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