• In collaboration with partner organizations and local leaders, AmplifyGR plans to expand quality housing options by rehabilitating existing homes and constructing new units over time.
  • In partnership with local schools, AmplifyGR invests in holistic strategies that support a continuum of educational achievement for children.
  • Alongside residents, AmplifyGR supports the existing work taking place in the neighborhood to preserve and cultivate the rich culture of the community.

Workforce Development

With unemployment rates in the neighborhoods around Boston Square and Cottage Grove as high as 25 percent, Amplify GR is focusing early efforts on creating incubator spaces to support existing, locally owned businesses, and attracting new businesses that are committed to both local hiring and paying sustainable incomes.

Jobs and Entrepreneurship

In association with employers and entrepreneurs, AmplifyGR partners to address persistent employment gaps and to increase business ownership opportunities in the Boston Square and Cottage Grove business districts.

Jobs = A Healthy Neighborhood

More than a century ago, many thriving industries built facilities in the Boston Square and Cottage Grove neighborhoods of Grand Rapids, Michigan. With an abundant workforce and railroad tracks running through the industrial core, the adjacent neighborhoods became a vibrant, bustling area where it was possible to raise a family and build wealth.

In later decades, companies closed or moved manufacturing and other operations, reducing the quality and quantity of jobs available. Residents were left with the expensive propositions of commuting to work or moving to the suburbs. South High School, President Gerald R. Ford’s alma mater, anchored the community from 1915 until 1979. The neighborhood school’s closure, combined with declining jobs and decades of segregation, further reduced opportunities for families living in the neighborhoods.

Supporting Entrepeneurship

Today, many people still call this area home, and the historic spirit of hard work and entrepreneurship endures. Founded in 2017, AmplifyGR will channel the energy of these neighborhoods and support the residents and business owners who will be the key to making this community stronger than it has ever been. AmplifyGR aims to advance achievement of shared community goals through collaboration and partnership.