The Mill District

Columbus, GA

The Mill District is a defined project area that encompasses four older and historic neighborhoods: City Village, North Highland, Bibb Village, and Anderson Village. This area is important to the city’s economic history as Columbus was founded on the commodity of cotton and textile production. It served as the residential neighborhood for generations of families that worked in the area’s textile mills.

Mill District Mission and Purpose

Mission: The Mill District is committed to developing and implementing creative community-based strategies to enhance economic opportunity, build healthy sustainable neighborhoods, and improve early childhood education in The Mill District.

Purpose: The four neighborhoods that make up the Mill District project area are located in an affordable, yet socially and economically challenged area of Columbus, GA. The Mill District organization seeks to implement positive holistic changes that move the community forward. Columbus, as a community, struggles with poverty, but has a high level of community care. The efforts of The Mill District are an attempt to realign the community values with better outcomes.

A Key Connection

The City of Columbus is a critical partner in this effort. One area of positive impact already seen is the recent completion of two final connections of the Columbus Riverwalk. The Columbus Riverwalk is a pedestrian/bikeway that is now 15 miles in length and travels the entire length of the project area along the Chattahoochee River. In total, the project area is nearly 750 acres in size.