Woodlawn United

Birmingham, AL

Located just east of downtown Birmingham, Woodlawn runs for 15 blocks along a rail line that brought thousands of workers to this post-Civil War boomtown. The working class neighborhood experienced ups and downs in the ensuing decades. Today, a coalition of partners are working with the community to build equity, opportunity and healthy outcomes for families.

Woodlawn’s Beliefs

The mission of Woodlawn United is to grow a safe and healthy community where children learn and play, families live in quality housing, parents work in stable jobs, business thrives and everyone participates in the greater Birmingham community.

  • Integrity: Transparency in our work and mission, honesty and trustworthiness.
  • Equity: We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion as the basis of our decision making.
  • Passion: We are energized by our work and are fully immersed in our community and residents.
  • Humanity: By taking care of one another, we consistently strive to make Woodlawn the best it can be for ourselves and its residents.
  • Creativity: We seek new ways to be more effective in furthering our mission to the
    greater good of our community.

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Woodlawn’s Team

By working with residents and local stakeholders in the community, the Woodlawn United team identifies needs within the neighborhood and leverages resources to fill those gaps with high quality services and programs.

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Woodlawn’s Partners

In order to cultivate the healthy neighborhood that Woodlawn’s citizens deserve, we are working with our partners to provide residents with access to important health services, wellness programs in schools, more green space, walking trails, healthy food, quality retail amenities, and more.

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