• 148 Mixed income units at the Westerpark apartment complex, with another 100 units planned in the next 12 months. Growing Together believes that, in order to truly stabilize and develop vulnerable neighborhood into a thriving one, people of all income levels must be welcomed into the neighborhood. Because of this belief, we are working to harness the power of gentrification to serve all residents in the neighborhood, not just new ones.
  • 2 Years Average growth in reading proficiency for 3rd graders in Growing Together schools - Growing Together partners utilize data to identify the students they best serve, then ensure students receive all the support they need in becoming proficient by providing combinations of services tailored to the student’s needs.
  • 11 Park programming events held at Kendall-Whittier Park during the summer of 2016, which served nearly 1000 people through programming such as Art in the Park, a soccer tournament, movie nights, and story time.

Novel Collaborations

Growing Together is not interested in business as usual, because we know that won’t change the trajectory of Kendall-Whittier children. As the community quarterback, Growing Together has pushed partner organizations and funders to see beyond the status quo. This requires that each partner considers their work in a different way – developing strong, trusting relationships that use data and continuous improvement to change and improve the outcomes, and to discover ways in which collective impact can be achieved.

Live. Learn. Thrive.

Growing Together is a comprehensive community development organization focused on changing the trajectory of children in Tulsa’s Kendall-Whittier neighborhood. In order to create this change, Growing Together acts as the community quarterback, guiding the work of a network of organizations and residents seeking to build a thriving neighborhood where children can live, learn, and thrive. Our theory of change states that, in order to create this kind of community, families must reside in high-quality mixed income housing and invest their children in high performing schools. Both are energized by collective impact among organizations and a vibrant community made up of empowered residents with diverse social connections and a strong sense of community.

Growing Together and partners are building on a solid foundation in Kendall-Whittier, which serves as a hub for Tulsa’s vibrant Hispanic community. The neighborhood originally developed during the early part of the 20th century as a “suburban” community along the legendary Route 66. Like many first circle neighborhoods, KW endured an exodus of middle class families in the 1960s. Prior to the renewed revitalization efforts of the late 1990’s and 2000s, Kendall-Whittier became known as the center for adult entertainment in Tulsa. In recent years, the schools, artists, entrepreneurs, residents, and committed organizations and funders have created a new direction for the neighborhood through not just a common vision for the future, but also through joint initiatives that maximize the resources and strengths of all involved.