Lift Orlando

Orlando, FL

Lift Orlando is a place-based community development organization that works with residents, business leaders, and community partners to strengthen neighborhoods so people can thrive. We strengthen neighborhoods through mixed-income housing, cradle-to-career education pathways, health and wellness services, and economic viability opportunities. We invest in people, places, and partnerships.

Lift Orlando Collaboration

The 2012 renovation of the Citrus Bowl sparked the question for local community leaders, “Can the business community help solve some of our city’s most complex social problems?” Since that time, Lift Orlando has been investing in the power of the neighborhood and investing in people. A community’s greatest asset is its people.

Lift Orlando amplifies the voice of residents by supporting them as agents of change. This means doing things with, not for. This means investing in the place that shapes live shapes our life outcomes. Lift Orlando addresses the individual needs and physical environments impacting where families live, learn, work and grow. Lift Orlando invests in partnerships.

No single organization is able to solve these challenges alone. Lift Orlando brings together residents, businesses and community partners under a shared vision for community revitalization.

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Lift Orlando Team

Lift Orlando continues to strengthen the historic neighborhoods surrounding the Citrus Bowl stadium by investing in people and the places they live, learn, work and play. Lift Orlando is influencing more than $120 million in capital investments into The Communities of West Lakes.These are critical dollars investing in the people, places and partnerships of Orlando’s West Lakes community.

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