Become Part of a Network Dedicated to Building Stronger, Better Communities

Purpose Built Communities believes meaningful, lasting change requires a long-term commitment from a coalition of community leaders and residents dedicated to a common goal. We welcome a select group of Network Members each year, and all interested groups must undergo a thorough evaluation process. Those that meet our criteria and are willing to commit to our holistic approach to community revitalization are encouraged to seek membership in our Network.

It is imperative for a community revitalization effort to have an established Community Quarterback — a new, single-focus, non-profit that is wholly committed to the project. These leaders must be able to cultivate relationships with public and private partners and investors, local housing authorities, school boards, developers, other non-profits and philanthropic foundations, and local elected officials. The presence of a dynamic leadership team is required for Network Membership. Membership also requires a commitment to other Network Members and the Purpose Built plan for holistic revitalization.

Ready to Join the Network?

Those interested in becoming Network Members must demonstrate a well-conceived plan that includes details about project objectives, goals and timelines, potential obstacles and challenges, and specific details about funding initiatives.

Learn more about applying to become a Purpose Built Communities Network Member.

Membership Benefits

Purpose Built Communities offers a broad array of services and benefits to Network Member organizations. In return, each Network Member organization makes the following commitments:

Commitment to Holistic Community Revitalization

Every lead organization must commit to a neighborhood focus that includes community and resident involvement, and the development of a strategic master plan for mixed-income housing, a cradle-to-college education pipeline, an array of wellness services, and an economic engine to sustain the community going forward. The Community Quarterback must engage public and private partners to develop a mechanism for locally based fund raising.

Commitment to Purpose Built Communities

Network Members must commit to follow the purpose, vision, values, and mission of Purpose Built Communities, engage in regular in-person meetings with a dedicated Community Development Advisor and other Purpose Built experts, and participate in an annual goal-sharing meeting and evaluation.

Commitment to Fellow Network Members

The goal of Purpose Built Communities is to build a nationwide Network of like-minded groups that can assist one another in replicating successful revitalization efforts. These Network Members must support one another through shared resources, templates, best practices, and lessons learned. Network Members develop a collaborative spirit through the annual Network Member Conference, semi-annual conference calls, and interaction during site tours. Ultimately, Network Members model best practices for one another via this template: see one, do one, share one.