Purpose Built Communities Welcomes New Network Member REACH Riverside

The Riverside neighborhood, located in northeast Wilmington, Delaware is the newest member of the Purpose Built Communities network. REACH Riverside will serve as the coordinating organization to support and leverage efforts and resources to create pathways out of poverty for residents of this historic neighborhood.

Using the Purpose Built model, REACH Riverside plans to develop 400 new units of high-quality, mixed-income housing, enhance and expand the existing early education and pre-K through grade 8 programs at EastSide Charter School, develop a new high school and expand the Kingswood Community Center to increase access to health and wellness services.

Although there will be numerous organizations, groups and individuals involved, three entities have entered into a formal agreement to work as partners with REACH Riverside:

  • The Wilmington Housing Authority, which owns the existing Riverside public housing project, will work in partnership with Pennrose, LLC, a nationally recognized development company that specializes in mixed-income, affordable housing, to develop the high-quality housing in the Riverside neighborhood.
  • EastSide Charter School, which borders the north end of Riverside, will lead the establishment of a “cradle to college and career education pipeline” to serve neighborhood children.
  • Kingswood Community Center will play a central role as landowner for a portion of the new housing, the home of several other project components including early learning, senior services, health and wellness services and other amenities needed to support a robust neighborhood and as the heart of the neighborhood it has served for more than 70 years.

REACH Riverside will be led by Logan Herring, who currently serves as Executive Director of the Kingswood Community Center.

A collaboration with The Teen Warehouse, an innovative partnership with more than 50 teen-serving organizations, will provide school-day and after-school recreation, education, arts, health and career exploration programs and services for Wilmington youth ages 13 to 19.

Keep up with REACH Riverside on Facebook, and sign up for the Purpose Built Communities e-newsletter to see updates from this newest Network Member.


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