• $2 million Secured funds to obtain property for a Master Revitalization Plan that includes 700 units of mixed income rental housing and 30 or more single family homes.
  • A+ Cleveland Academy of Leadership received a Palmetto Award from the State Department of Education for its growth in student test scores.
  • 2014 Grand opening of the Northside Harvest Park, a farm to fork facility that provides healthy produce within walking distance of Northside residents for the first time in a generation.

A Broad Vision Emerges

The Northside Development Group is transforming the area into a high-quality mixed-income, mixed-use neighborhood that will be home to exceptional education, healthcare, social service, and employment opportunities.

Creating A Community of Choice. All Together. All Focused.

The Northside Development Corporation was formed in 2011 to spearhead the Northside Initiative neighborhood revitalization. Former Mayor Bill Barnet was appointed Chairman, and formed a collective of dozens of partners representing local business, health care, education, non-profit and philanthropic sectors, with significant contributions from private citizens and local residents.

Shaping a New Future in Spartanburg

The Northside of Spartanburg encompasses roughly 400 acres, and the Northside Development Group will concentrate its efforts to develop a community of choice that will attract new and support current residents, create a vibrant cradle to college / career eduction infrastructure, and a stable, safe, and healthy environment that supports all stages of life through a comprehensive, coordinated system of social and community services.