• 161 Since 2011, South Rome Redevelopment and its partners have developed 161 new mixed-income apartments homes.
  • 540 Students attending the new Anna K. Davie elementary school, opened in 2015. The school includes an onsite early learning center and adult literacy program to serve the community.
  • $3 million Investment in a new state-of-the-art Boys & Girls Club to serve children of east and south Rome. A nearby community garden opened in 2014.

A Rich Tapestry

South Rome’s greatest asset is its diversity. The 2.2 mile square mile area also includes a cross section of many different formal institutions, including the stately Myrtle Hill Cemetery on the east, Coosa Country Club on the north, and the Darlington School to the south.

A Revival in Rome

Established in 2004, the South Rome Redevelopment Corporation is working to transform South Rome through home ownership, affordable housing choices, educational opportunities, active community involvement, leadership, and appropriate economic development. These initiatives will combine mixed-income housing choices with quality educational opportunities for children and adults.

A Commitment to the Future

The South Rome Redevelopment Corporation is committed to ensuring that South Rome is a clean, safe, vibrant and beautiful community, as well as a pleasant place to live, work, worship, and learn. The South Rome redevelopment area is comprised of eight neighborhoods: Blacks Bluff, Mt. Aventine, Hillsboro, Etowah Terrace, South Rome Commons, Coosa Country Club/Virginia Circle, and Darlington Village.