• 685 Mixed-income rental housing units have been built in three phases of development. More than 600 additional units are planned.
  • 800+ Students and staff served by the new KIPP Believe K-8 school facility at Columbia Parc. Opened in 2019, the facility is a complement to Educare of New Orleans, which serves 167 economically disadvantaged students from 6 weeks to 5 years old.
  • 53 Acres encompass the Bayou District. The community has a federally qualified health clinic on site and is working to design and build a grocery and drug store proximate to the community garden and senior housing already in place. A partnership with Kingsley House, nationally renowned as the oldest Settlement House in the South, provides on-site community support services for the residents of Columbia Parc.

A Winning Partnership

Hurricane Katrina destroyed the historic New Orleans City Park golf course, which borders the Bayou District’s site. It has become a committed objective of the Bayou District Foundation since re-opening in spring 2017, as it aligns with the community wellness pillars of the Foundation’s mission. The complex provides recreational amenities and sustained funding to support the Bayou District Foundation’s educational programs.

Fulfilling a Comprehensive Vision

The Bayou District Foundation was established in 2006 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina by a group of civic-minded local business and community leaders committed to revitalizing New Orleans after the disaster.

The Bayou District Foundation, in partnership with Columbia Residential and the Housing Authority of New Orleans, has developed Columbia Parc on the site of the former St. Bernard Housing Development, which was rendered uninhabitable by Hurricane Katrina. The 53-acre site opened in 2010 and provides high-qualitymixed-income housing that has stabilized the community.

A federally-qualified health clinic and a community garden on the Columbia Parc campus provide access to healthy food and affordable healthcare within walking distance.

Comprehensive community education is the linchpin in the Bayou District Foundation’s overall mission. Educare of New Orleans opened the doors to its early learning center in the community in 2013 and serves 168 students from ages 6 weeks to 5 years. A new 88,000-square-foot KIPP Believe K-8 facility at Columbia Parc, which opened in early 2019, serves more than 800 students and brings 1,000 people, including faculty and staff, to the Columbia Parc campus every day.

The Bayou District Foundation was the first organization after the East Lake Foundation to implement the Purpose Built Communities model of neighborhood transformation – bringing mixed-income housing, a cradle-to-college education pipeline and community wellness under a comprehensive neighborhood strategy. The Bayou District Foundation helped inspire the creation of the Purpose Built Communities network of communities leveraging the holistic model across the country.