FCS has produced almost 200 units of mixed-income, single-family housing for both rental and home ownership. FCS is currently developing 84 additional multi-family, mixed-income units, with plans for 200 more units by 2024.


FCS partners with Purpose Built Schools Atlanta to create safe, nurturing neighborhood schools that are sources of pride and identity. With high-performing schools, neighborhoods will improve and become places where families want to stay.


Neighboring is at the core of FCS’s work. FCS commits to authentic relationships with residents that are built on trust and care through intentional friendships, programs and partnerships.

Creating Beautiful Places Together

An invitation was extended to FCS in 2000 by the South Atlanta Civic League to partner together for holistic development of Historic South Atlanta. Working together, South Atlanta has transformed into one of Atlanta’s most equitable and stable mixed-income neighborhoods.

Neighborhood homeownership rates have increased from 10% to 60% with 30% of the neighborhood owned by low-income homeowners. With the creation of Carver Market and Community Grounds Cafe, South Atlanta is a thriving food oasis serving almost 300 customers each day while providing local jobs to residents.