• 128 Mixed income units have been built for 284 residents at the West Park apartment complex. Additional mixed-income, multi-family will be built and single-family rehab and new construction strategies are being explored.
  • 2 Years of average growth in reading proficiency for 3rd graders in Growing Together schools.
  • 11 Park programming events at Kendall-Whittier Park during the summer of 2016. Plans call for a full service neighborhood YMCA, and continued beautification efforts such as park improvements and a deepened partnership with the neighborhood’s Main Street program.

A Collaborative Effort

It is our vision to have neighborhoods that are vibrant environments for children to live, learn, and thrive. We are building a place where families can reside in high-quality, affordable housing, and children attend high-performing neighborhood schools. It is a collective vision of local leaders, businesses, organizations, and residents that are all invested in creating and supporting a thriving community.

Live. Learn. Thrive.

Growing Together is a new way of thinking about and tackling complex educational and social challenges in two of Tulsa’s most promising neighborhoods. Growing Together is brining together organizations, residents, and educators to continuously combine and organize efforts for maximum impact. With this commitment, we are working together to create places with a clear sense of purpose, where residents can thrive, and children can excel in school and go on to even greater success in life.

Kendall-Whittier is a hub for Tulsa’s vibrant Hispanic community. Originally developed during the early part of the 20th century and situated alongside the legendary Route 66, Kendall-Whittier endured a difficult post-Depression transition that culminated in the 1980s with the area being known primarily as a center for adult entertainment businesses. In recent years, artists and entrepreneurs have helped the community take steps forward into a new era.

The Eugene Field community lies on the westside near the Arkansas River, and is also an area on the upswing following decades of neglect. It has been greatly bolstered by the work of the Harvest, which adopted a holistic approach to benefiting area residents. The Harvest Market opened eight years ago to provide nutritious and affordable food to residents. The Harvest has since expanded to include educational opportunities, such as GED certification and job training programs for adults, and after school programs and tutoring for children.

The work of Growing Together is helping craft a new era for the Kendall-Whittier and Eugene Field communities, and it is through collaboration and a shared vision that hopes for a brighter future are becoming a reality.