Season 1, Episode 8

Walking with a Purpose

America’s demographics will become majority-minority in the coming decades. One neighborhood in Houston shows how to successfully build vibrant communities of diversity - and how to bring all of those different groups together in the wake of a natural disaster. Listen


Connect Community and the Power of Partnerships in Houston

Over the past few decades, cheap rents have attracted many first-generation immigrants to settle in Sharpstown/Gulfton area of Houston, TX. As a result, this has become the most densely populated and culturally diverse community in Houston. It is also one of the most economically challenged. Connect Community is focusing its efforts and measuring its impact within a clearly delineated geographic area called the Impact Zone Watch


What does victory look like?

A look back in history on lessons learned, successes and challenges still to conquer from the East Lake Foundation, celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Bayou District Foundation, celebrating its 10th and CONNECT, celebrating its first.
Moderator: Carol Naughton, President, Purpose Built Communities. Panelists: Daniel “Danny” Shoy, Jr., President, East Lake Foundation, Purpose Built Communities Network Member, Atlanta, Gerard “Gerry” Barousse, Jr., Chairman, Bayou District Foundation, Purpose Built Communities Network Member, New Orleans, Anne Whitlock, Founding Director, CONNECT, Purpose Built Communities Network Member, Houston Watch