Who is Purpose Built Communities?

Purpose Built Communities is a nonprofit organization dedicated to implementing resident-centered, holistic neighborhood revitalization. We ground our work in the foundational beliefs that race and place matter. By cultivating connected, mutually contributing communities, we take action and build bridges to create lasting impact.

We envision an America where every neighborhood is a pathway to opportunity and prosperity for the people who call it home. Learn more

Where does Purpose Built work?

Purpose Built Communities operates nationwide, partnering with local organizations to revitalize neighborhoods into vibrant, prosperous areas. Our work spans various communities, each unique yet unified in their commitment to holistic transformation. Explore our network

Who are the Purpose Built Network Members?

Purpose Built Network Members are Community Quarterback organizations leading neighborhood revitalization. These organizations collaborate with Purpose Built to implement a comprehensive model addressing housing, education, health, and economic vitality. Meet our network members

What is the Purpose Built model?

The Purpose Built model integrates mixed-income housing, cradle-to-college education, community health and wellness, and economic vitality, supported by a foundation of racial equity. This holistic approach ensures sustainable community transformation by addressing all aspects of neighborhood revitalization simultaneously, making it effective in creating lasting, positive change. Learn more

How does Purpose Built support its Network Members?

Purpose Built Communities works alongside Network Members, who are local Community Quarterback organizations, offering expertise, guidance, and coaching to establish a resident-centered vision for community revitalization. Focusing on the four pillars – mixed-income housing, cradle-to-college education, community health and wellness, and economic vitality – the model ensures a holistic approach to transformation. Purpose Built supports these organizations through every step, from planning to operationalizing strategies, emphasizing racial equity and neighborhood legacy. Learn more

How does Purpose Built ensure the model’s impact is measured and communicated effectively?

Purpose Built leads a network-wide effort in measurement and evaluation to track key outcomes, assisting Network Members in setting up integrated data systems and providing coaching on data strategies. This effort supports making informed decisions and demonstrating the model’s impact. Additionally, Purpose Built elevates successes through narrative and communications coaching, offering toolkits and opportunities for Network Members to share their achievements widely, thereby showcasing the transformative power of the Purpose Built model.

Can you explain the collaboration process with public, private, and nonprofit partners in the Purpose Built model?

Purpose Built Communities and its Network Members engage in strategic collaborations across public, private, and nonprofit sectors to create and implement comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategies. This involves developing actionable, financeable plans that address housing, education, health, community cohesion, and economic vitality. Purpose Built assists in leveraging cross-sector investments, building trust and relationships within the community, and aligning partners towards shared goals, ensuring the model's holistic vision is realized effectively.

What unique support services does Purpose Built offer to its Network Members?

Network Members benefit from a suite of services including collaboration and convening for learning and sharing best practices, experiential learning through visits to other Purpose Built neighborhoods, support in measurement and evaluation, narrative and communications coaching, access to national partnerships for model execution, and organizational capacity building. These services aim to strengthen the impact, sustainability, and reach of Network Members' efforts in their communities. Learn more

What role does advocacy play in Purpose Built Communities’ strategy?

Advocacy is a crucial component of Purpose Built Communities’ strategy, involving working with Network Members to influence local, state, and federal policies that support neighborhood revitalization. Purpose Built provides access to national partners, offers coaching on policy and advocacy strategies, and facilitates exposure to policymakers, aiming to create a supportive policy environment that enables the comprehensive transformation of neighborhoods in line with the Purpose Built model.