We are so constantly and fundamentally surrounded by racism in the way our systems and public institutions have been structured and operate that it can be easy to not see it. To effectively revitalize a neighborhood, we need to look through a structural lens at our political, economic, social, and cultural history in order to fully understand the meaning of racism in America and how to address it in our institutions.

Glenn Harris, president of Race Forward, led a session about racial equity in 2015 at the Purpose Built Communities annual conference in Fort Worth, Texas. Listen


Rev. Jeffrey Brown, Co-Founder, RECAP

In response to deaths from gang violence and the belief that faith-based organizations such as the church should respond, Rebuilding Every Community Around Peace (RECAP) was formed. RECAP is a partnership that leverages the expertise developed by Rev. Jeffrey Brown’s over 20 years of experience of gang mediation and intervention, and police/community relations in the US and around the world. Watch


Florentine Films – David McMahon discusses films of social consequence

Florentine Films has produced some of the most acclaimed documentary films ever made, including Ken Burns’ “The Civil War” and “The Dust Bowl.” David McMahon, producer of “The Central Park Five” and “Jackie Robinson” shared clips from these films and discussed their social and cultural significance in American life. Watch


Glenn Harris, Center for Social Inclusion

Glenn Harris, the President of the Center for Social Inclusion, led an interactive session about racial equity at the 2015 Purpose Built Communities Annual Conference in Fort Worth, TX. He discussed the reality of race and its historic, cultural, and institutional impact, the need for progressive economic policy development and the need to reimagine the roles and practices of community and government in addressing inequity. Watch


The Honorable Kelly Allen Gray, City of Fort Worth Councilmember

As part of the 2015 Purpose Built Communities Annual Conference, attendees visited the Renaissance Heights development, the target area of investment and collaboration for the Purpose Built Communities Network Member the Renaissance Heights Development Group.The Honorable Kelly Allen Gray, City of Fort Worth Councilmember serving District 8, discusses the history of the Renaissance Heights United initiative and what successful, cross-sector collaboration looks like in Fort Worth, TX. Watch


Charity Detox, What Charity Would Look Like if We Cared About Results

Veteran urban activist Robert “Bob” Lupton, Founder, FCS Ministries reveals the shockingly toxic effects that modern charity has upon the very people meant to benefit from it. He highlights proven new models for charitable groups who want to help—not sabotage—those whom they desire to serve. Watch


Place Matters – the Top 10 Things You Need to Know

Carol Naughton, President of Purpose Built Communities and David Erickson, PhD, Director of the Center of Community Development Investments at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco lead a discussion about the Top 10 things you need to know in Community Development right now. This session provides an overview of the latest thinking and research about how place-based initiatives can help achieve better outcomes for the people who live in them. Watch