Purpose Built Communities Videos

Purpose Built at Cleveland Fed

Purpose Built at Cleveland Fed

Carol Naughton, SVP at Purpose Built Communities, recently participated in the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s “Building Healthy Communities Ohio,” a one-day forum in Columbus, Ohio that was part of a… Continue →

Rodney Byrnes Tedx

Revitalizing the American Dream

Rodney Byrnes, a leader in the Avondale Meadows community of Indianapolis, discusses the importance of “Revitalizing the American Dream” at Tedx Indianapolis.

Purpose Built Communities – Full Overview

This overview shows how Purpose Built Communities is working to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Take a tour of some of the success stories in cities across America.

Indianapolis / Avondale Meadows

The Meadows Community Foundation is dedicated to restoring a once proud Indianapolis community that had fallen into a desperate state following decades of decline. The Foundation has developed Avondale Meadows… Continue →

Miracle at East Lake (CNBC Feature)

The successful redevelopment of Atlanta’s East Lake community served as a blueprint for Purpose Built Community’s approach to holistic community revitalization. This report on CNBC’s “Business Nation” chronicles the East… Continue →