Sasha Abramsky, Journalist and Author

Sasha Abramsky, journalist and author, discussed the poverty he has witnessed across America and how it is a “corrosive brew capable of eating away at the underpinnings of democratic life…” Watch


Conference 2014 Videos: Possibility Takes Place

Purpose Built held its fifth annual Network Member Conference in Charlotte, NC from September 29 to October 1, and it was the best one we’ve had yet. We had 340 people from 45 communities across the country learning from our speakers and from each other. It was rejuvenating and inspiring. What was so inspiring? See for yourself! … Continue Reading →


2014 Purpose Built Communities Conference Highlights

A sampling of highlights from the 2014 Purpose Built Communities Network Member Conference, held in Charlotte, NC from September 29 - October 1. The fifth annual conference was the largest ever, with 340 attendees from 45 communities from across the country. Watch


Gene Wade, Founder and CEO of UniversityNow

In 2013, Forbes recognized Gene Wade, Founder and CEO of UniversityNow, as one of the most disruptive forces in education. Leveraging advances in technology and pedagogy, UniversityNow is building a network of universities that represent the most affordable and accessible way for anyone to earn a college degree from an accredited U.S. university. Watch


Michael Peterson, President and COO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation

Michael Peterson, President and COO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation discussed the connection between a strong fiscal outlook, where our long-term debt is stabilized over time, and a growing, thriving economy. Unfortunately, despite recent improvements in near-term deficits, America’s long-term fiscal challenges remain and this threatens our economic future in communities across the country. Unless we change course, rising debt and interest payments will weigh down our economy, divert resources from critically needed public and private investments, increase the likelihood of a fiscal crisis, and limit our flexibility to respond to such a crisis Watch


Jay Bilas, ESPN Broadcaster

Jay Bilas, ESPN Broadcaster, Author and Attorney delivered the closing speech of the Fifth Annual Purpose Built Communities Network Member Conference in Charlotte, NC on October 1, 2014. He discussed how he developed his leadership skills and the notion of “toughness,” the title of his recent book, sharing experiences from his athletic career and beyond. Watch


Ian Galloway & Dr. Doug Jutte

Ian Galloway, Senior Investment Associate at The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and Dr. Doug Jutte, Executive Director, Build Healthy Places Network discussed how health happens in neighborhoods, and yet, of the $2.7 trillion spent on healthcare annually, only a sliver goes to neighborhood improvement. Why? For one, the people in the community development sector don’t know the people in the health business. Watch