With higher rates of chronic health conditions, limited access to health care and greater economic insecurity, communities of color are being hit the hardest by the unrelenting coronavirus pandemic. #StayCoveredTogether is a public service campaign being funded by The Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ) in communities that recently received grant money through The Audacious Project to support COVID-19 relief and recovery efforts.

Our message to everyone, everywhere in the nation is simple:
keep your distance and wear masks to protect your neighbors and those on the frontlines.

This toolkit provides the brand guidelines and tools necessary to understand, own and implement the Stay Covered Together campaign with clarity, consistency and community impact in mind.


Campaign Guidelines

Stay Covered for Each Other

The coronavirus continues to spread across the United States. And with higher rates of chronic health conditions, limited access to healthcare and greater economic insecurity, communities of color are being hit the hardest.

Especially vulnerable are those challenged by underlying conditions or poverty, from those experiencing homelessness or incarceration to young people in foster care. Many of our workers on the frontlines come from the neighborhoods with the fewest resources, like face masks, to not only care for themselves and their closest ones, but to do their job of protecting us all.

Right now, everything we do can help save lives and livelihood — and it starts with you.

Download Campaign Guidelines


Spread the Knowledge

Use the campaign fact sheet to remind your community to stay informed on local guidelines, keep their distance, and keep their face covered.

Included in the download:

  • PDF and image versions of one-pager
  • Purpose Built Communities branded version and non-branded version
  • “White label” design files that can be branded with your organization logo
Download Purpose Built One-Pager
Download One-Pager Template

Social Media Graphics

Get Social

Spread the word through social media platforms. Download and share the graphics below on your social platforms with the hashtag #StayCoveredTogether.

Included in the download:

  • Graphics for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • PSA radio script for Stay Covered Together campaign
Download Social Media Assets

People-based Graphics

Energize the Message

Our campaign graphic elements style includes people-based graphics, which were designed to be representative of the children, families, and communities we serve across generations.

The people-based graphics in the toolkit set the foundation for how we can portray our diverse audiences and showcase a range of ages, cultural backgrounds and personal styles.

Incorporate people-based graphics into Stay Covered Together campaign materials to energize and personify content.

Download Campaign Assets

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