Transforming East Lake: A Case Study by America’s Promise Alliance

  • What’s the secret behind East Lake’s turnaround?
  • Can lessons from East Lake guide comprehensive efforts at neighborhood transformation in other communities?

Through interviews with more than 20 key participants, reviews of historical and current documents, and an examination of existing research about neighborhood revitalization, this in-depth case study by America’s Promise Alliance explores those questions and illuminates East Lake’s story.

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Recent studies have already revealed significant improvements in the greater East Lake neighborhood. An economic analysis by the University of Georgia’s Selig Center for Economic Growth found that East Lake’s revitalization generated more than $347 million in economic output in 2007. … Another study, focusing on similar factors in the community, found that East Lake’s revitalization produced a net benefit in social welfare services of $30 million during a 15-year period. … Drew Elementary School ranks first among 58 elementary schools in Atlanta Public Schools; the middle school ranks third in the city.