Purpose Built Communities Research & Reports

A Chance to Succeed: A Report by Selig Center For Economic Growth

A Chance to Succeed is the East Lake story in numbers. First, it shows the net economic impact of expenditures related to the operation of The Villages of East Lake, Drew Charter School, Sheltering Arms Early Education Center, East Lake Golf Club, Charlie Yates Golf Course, East Lake Family YMCA, and the East Lake Foundation. The remaining report details the impact of new businesses in the area, covers net changes in residents’ earnings, examines how appreciation of residential property values adds to the wealth of residents who are landowners, analyzes the economic benefits of the improved quality of education provided by the Drew Charter School, and reviews the economic benefits of reduction in crime rates.

Transforming East Lake: A Case Study by America’s Promise Alliance

What’s the secret behind East Lake’s turnaround? Can lessons from East Lake guide comprehensive efforts at neighborhood transformation in other communities? Through interviews with more than 20 key participants, reviews of historical and current documents, and an examination of existing research about neighborhood revitalization, this in-depth case study by America’s Promise Alliance explores those questions and illuminates East Lake’s story.

It Takes a Neighborhood: Purpose Built Communities and Neighborhood Transformation

In some respects, we, the public, are victims of our own unrealistic expectations governing the silos we have created. Schools systems cannot change educational outcomes on their own. Housing authorities cannot make up for the lack of affordable housing on their own. Police cannot on their own make streets safe. It takes a healthy, functioning neighborhood for these systems to stand a chance of delivering the outcomes we expect.