• Northend RISE has a goal of providing affordable housing options to area residents, including rehab and repairs for existing home owners. We are very sensitive to protecting the interests of long-term, legacy residents, so they will be a part of an improving community.
  • Northend RISE believes that excellence begins with high quality, comprehensive, early learning that will allow students to greatly exceed current standards and expectations.
  • Northend RISE will partner with groups to increase the numbers of insured, treat manageable illnesses and create a healthy community that promotes overall wellness.

Residents of the Northend of West Palm Beach are resilient, diverse and desire a great community that works for all. They enjoy their neighbors, desirable location and building a sense of community. Challenges today include subpar education, housing, wages and health and wellness. The community remains optimistic and eager to partner with Northend RISE, nonprofits, for profits and government, to make the Northend a great place to live for all.

Our Vision

Northend RISE envisions a vibrant, healthy neighborhood where residents have access to rewarding, self-sufficient income; quality, cradle-to-career education; a safe, affordable home; and, ongoing health and wellness.