In collaboration with the Syracuse Housing Authority and local residents, Blueprint 15 is looking to replace more than 1,000 units of public housing with 1,100 to 1,400 units of new mixed-income apartments as part of a broader, mixed-income neighborhood that holistically addresses the needs of residents across a spectrum of incomes.


The Syracuse City School District and Blueprint 15 will work together to increase academic achievement and access to educational opportunities for students within the East Adams neighborhood. By forming an innovative, collaborative working relationship they will ensure students are prepared for kindergarten, increase and maintain high academic achievement, attract and retain effective teachers, and collectively contribute to a larger community revitalization of the neighborhood.


Blueprint 15 is committed to develop plans and directly support investments in new community-serving facilities, such as a grocery store, YMCA, parks and green space, and a community center, as well as health and wellness programs for residents of the neighborhood.

A New Path Forward

The East Adams Street neighborhood was devastated in the 1950s and 1960s to make space for Interstate 81. Since then, similar social and economic policy decisions have limited this neighborhood’s potential for growth, and created a community challenged with oppressive poverty, high crime rates, and under performing schools. The looming decision of the New York State Department of Transportation to replace the current Interstate 81 viaduct presents a transformational opportunity for the community in its shadow.

Setting a Course for Success

Blueprint 15 is spearheading holistic revitalization efforts, including the development of the cradle to career education pipeline; coordinating neighborhood input and plans for health and wellness facilities to serve the revitalized community; and working to encourage and support inclusive economic development.