In collaboration with partners organization and local leaders, SRC plans to replace the public housing units at Southside Terrace by expanding quality housing options through the construction of new units over time.


In partnership with the school district and local early education institution, SRC aims to develop a researched-based education strategy to implement in local schools that centers around equity, restorative justice, and academic success.


SRC will work alongside existing service providers in the community with the goal of maximizing their capacity to deliver a holistic approach that elevates the quality of life for all members of the community.

The Magic City

South Omaha was once referred to as “The Magic City” because of the rapid development of the Union Stockyards. The neighborhood attracted thousands of immigrant workers to these industrialized jobs.

Over the decades, the South Omaha neighborhood has declined due to the changes in industry and a shift in job opportunities. The poverty rate for the neighborhood is more than three times that of the city. Still home to a diverse population, the neighborhood faces many challenges due to social fragmentation.

The goal of SRC is to assist with the transition from an industrialized community into one that reflects and celebrates the diversity and rich history of this area, while ensuring all residents experience a higher quality of life.