• 100+ Lots assembled for a purchase option to develop a community of town homes similar to Wood Station in Birmingham.
  • 2016 First year of operation for the Kansas City Neighborhood Academy (KCNA) charter school, which opened in August and is modeled after Charles R. Drew charter school in Atlanta.
  • 10 Neighborhood associations and community-based groups that are partnering with us to achieve our collective mission of revitalizing a target area in Kansas City's urban core, with a focus on health and wellness initiatives.

A Big Idea Takes Shape

The Urban Neighborhood Initiative (UNI) was founded in 2011, and represents one of the KCMO Chamber of Commerce’s “Big 5 Ideas.” UNI is a nonprofit organization established to partner with neighborhoods in their revitalization within a target area of Kansas City’s urban core. UNI is working with Purpose Built Communities, partners and the community to development of a revitalization plan for the Wendell Phillips Neighborhood.

Collaborating Through Technology

UNI is coordinating efforts to eliminate the digital divide through its Connecting Neighbors Pilot Program, implementing a three-pronged approach through access to computers, wireless technologies, and technology skills training.

Siklu is providing fiber technology for the project, while Connecting for Good will train young people on the network provide computers.  The W.E.B. DuBois Learning center will train residents on installation and install the network. Reconciliation Services will provide access to its networking equipment, internet café and training space. KC Digital Drive will provide technical assistance.

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