Cornerstone for Change

Our model requires the Community Quarterback to work closely with neighborhood residents to engage their expertise and address their needs and concerns. The Community Quarterback must also build strong partnerships with public and private stakeholders and investors including local housing authorities and school boards, developers, non-profits, philanthropic individuals and organizations, and elected officials.

Today, there are a growing number of Purpose Built-led community revitalization initiatives underway across the country, all driven by our Community Quarterbacks for each Network Member. They are the champions, the driving force behind this vital work that is transforming people and place.

A Difference-Making Leader

The Community Quarterback is the Purpose Built Communities difference, charged with:

  • Driving the revitalization initiative to make sure the housing, education, and community wellness components are successful and sustainable
  • Ensuring the people in the targeted neighborhood are engaged, included, and served
  • Braiding a sustainable funding stream of public and private resources
  • Serving as a single point of accountability for partners and funders