Do Your Partners Share the Vision?

Othello Meadows wants you to look at these little girls and think. What circumstances are these girls from? What future do they imagine for themselves? How can their community surround them with the resources and love they require to become their best selves?

That kind of thinking guides how Meadows, executive director of 75 North, develops the partnerships that are transforming the Highlander community on the north side of Omaha, Nebraska. From the site of a former public housing project has risen a shining example of how holistic community development can be realized. But it wasn’t data, spreadsheets or budgets that compelled local government officials, school leaders, building contractors and others to approach partnership with vision.

Discover how Othello uses authentic connections to people and place to form partnerships that go beyond the expected; watch his presentation at the 2018 National Interagency Community Reinvestment Conference with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

75 North is a member of the Purpose Built Communities Network.