Great things happen with collaboration.

As a network, the knowledge we share is essential for producing effective solutions for lasting change. That is why we’re excited to have an opportunity to convene with you and your leadership team in the next couple of months.

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With input from Network Members, we have been re-evaluating and evolving the way we represent the Purpose Built model. As we get closer to codifying a new model framework, your input is important. How does this new framework fit within your current strategy? How can we support you as we make this evolution together?

We also want to learn about – and from – your experiences in the field. What are the current realities you are adapting to? What opportunities are on the horizon that excite you? What do you need from us to help you meet your goals?

Just as the challenges in our respective communities did not happen overnight, neither do the solutions. Together, we will establish, tweak, and refine our processes so we can all achieve our collective long-term goals – creating greater racial equity, economic mobility, and improved health outcomes for families and children.

If you have any questions about the workshops or scheduling, contact:

Ginneh P. Baugh
VP, Impact and Innovation
Purpose Built Communities

This in-person workshop will cross over two consecutive days. Day One will be held in the afternoon and Day Two will be held the following morning. Please select your preferred dates for your workshop below. All times are eastern time.

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