Stay Covered Together

The message is simple: Stay at home. But, if you must go out for essential tasks, keep your distance and wear a mask to protect your neighbors and those on the frontlines who are there to protect us all. Purpose Built Communities received a $2 million grant through The Audacious Project to support COVID-19 relief … Continue Reading →


Together in a Time of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging communities like never before. It also reminds us that we are all in this struggle together. This powerful message reminds us that we can and must be there for each other. Rev. Carl Pointer is a board member of Renaissance Heights United, a neighborhood-based revitalization effort in Fort Worth, Texas. Bringing lasting, meaningful change to a community requires thoughtful design, collaborative engagement and deliberate execution. Watch


Coming Together as a Network during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is laying bare the stark inequities and inequality in our country in a very powerful way. People who live in low-income communities are facing unique challenges and falling ill and dying at disproportionate rates. Leaders in the Purpose Built Communities network are on the front lines of providing help for their neighborhoods and have had to adapt as circumstances evolve quickly, just like the rest of the world.


AmplifyGR is Driving Change with a Holistic Approach

Building from a rich history, community quarterback AmplifyGR is driving change with a holistic approach to neighborhood revitalization. Working in partnership with residents and a host of organizations, AmplifyGR is focused on cradle-to-college education opportunities, community wellbeing resources, mixed-income housing and economic development. Watch this great video to get to know this community and meet some of the people who are working to make it stronger than ever. Watch


Lift Orlando And The Communities Of West Lakes

LIFT Orlando is the community quarterback for the Communities of West Lakes, an area adjacent to Camping World Stadium and a stone’s throw from Downtown Orlando. Learn how LIFT Orlando and its partners are working together to implement the Purpose Built Communities model of neighborhood revitalization, and hear about their exciting progress in the areas of housing, education and community wellness. Watch


Grove Park Community Marks the Beginning of a New Chapter for Children and Families

Since 2016, the Grove Park Foundation has been serving as the “community quarterback,” coordinating the efforts of residents and partners in a long-term, holistic revitalization effort. The Grove Park Foundation has raised more than half of the funds to leverage APS’s investment to construct the new K-8 school building for KIPP Woodson Park Academy and … Continue Reading →


The Core Ingredient is Hope

While the Purpose Built Communities model for holistic neighborhood revitalization provides a helpful guide, it also proves there is hope that building healthy and thriving neighborhoods is possible. Hear more about Purpose Built Communities’ hopeful vision from Bill Barnet, Chairman of the Board of the Northside Development Group, the Purpose Built Communities network member in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Watch


Leading with Equity

Building racial, social and health equity in communities of concentrated poverty is not an unrealistic dream - it's happening in real-time across the Purpose Built Communities network. A group of thoughtful leaders from diverse backgrounds in different cities have moved from talking to leading with equity.

Michelle Matthews, Senior Vice President at Purpose Built Communities, moderated a discussion in Orlando in 2018 with the first cohort of Equity Ambassadors - Kia Baker of the Southeast Raleigh Promise, Kirk Wester of Growing Together in Tulsa, Danny Shoy of the East Lake Foundation in Atlanta, and Sally Mackin of Woodlawn United in Birmingham. Listen


An Effective Model

Neighborhood revitalization can be a daunting task. With many moving parts and interrelations within the community, it can be difficult for engaged and passionate people to know how to begin. The Purpose Built Communities model provides direction on how to both understand and address the root causes of concentrated poverty. Hear about why this model makes all the difference from Reverend Carl Pointer, a member of the United Communities Association of South Fort Worth, a partner with Purpose Built Communities Network member Renaissance Heights United in Fort Worth, Texas. Watch