A Discussion on Choice Neighborhoods

Choice Neighborhoods is HUD’s signature place-based initiative. Choice Neighborhoods is designed to assist struggling neighborhoods with distressed public housing or HUD-assisted housing through a comprehensive approach to neighborhood transformation. In addition to financing the redevelopment of housing, Choice Neighborhoods gives communities the tools and resources to address crime, create connections to job opportunities, and improve schools in order to change the trajectories of families living in those neighborhoods.

David Williams on “Neighborhoods & Economic Mobility”

Previously the Equality of Opportunity Project, Opportunity Insights uses big data to empower policymakers and civic leaders to create targeted local policy solutions that revive the American Dream. In this session, David Williams, Policy Director, Opportunity Insights, Harvard University discusses “Neighborhoods and Economic Mobility: What the Data Says and How Better Policies Can Help.”

Great Outcomes Start With Early Learning – A View From The Network

One of the challenges in our work is creating a high-quality cradle-to-college pipeline. Specifically, we must ensure that the latest research is being utilized not only by early learning partners, but is shared by partners in elementary school and beyond. How can community quarterbacks who are not experts in education make sure their projects are utilizing best practices and research to achieve the best possible outcomes? Hear from renowned experts in the field of early childhood education and find out how project partners can infuse the best of early childhood education into their educational pipelines.

The Purpose Built Communities Model and The Network at Work

The Purpose Built Communities model was born in East Lake, but the 20 projects that now comprise the Purpose Built Network continue to innovate and produce neighborhood and life-changing results across the country. Purpose Built Communities’ President Carol Naughton discusses the model in action in different neighborhoods across the United States and how Community Quarterbacks are applying a local touch to a national model.

|November 19, 2019

Lift Orlando And The Communities Of West Lakes

LIFT Orlando is the community quarterback for the Communities of West Lakes, an area adjacent to Camping World Stadium and a stone’s throw from Downtown Orlando. Learn how LIFT Orlando and its partners are working together to implement the Purpose Built Communities model of neighborhood revitalization, and hear about their exciting progress in the areas of housing, education and community wellness.

The Core Ingredient is Hope

While the Purpose Built Communities model for holistic neighborhood revitalization provides a helpful guide, it also proves there is hope that building healthy and thriving neighborhoods is possible. Hear more about Purpose Built Communities’ hopeful vision from Bill Barnet, Chairman of the Board of the Northside Development Group, the Purpose Built Communities network member in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

A Certain Type

Breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty requires a group of people who can work across silos, bring a community together around a shared vision for the future, and do the slow, hard work every day to make that future a reality. Hear more about the type of people the Purpose Built Communities model attracts from Ian Galloway, Director of the Center for Community Development Investments and Regional Manager of Community Development for the State of Oregon.

A Decent Shot

In the wealthiest country in the world, we have the collective resources to make sure that everyone has a fair shot at their American Dream. Yet the playing field is still tipped against a large number of people in communities all across our country. Hear more about how it’s “night and day” in terms of opportunities available for some and not others from Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and a co-founder of Purpose Built Communities.

|July 17, 2019

An Effective Model

Neighborhood revitalization can be a daunting task. With many moving parts and interrelations within the community, it can be difficult for engaged and passionate people to know how to begin. The Purpose Built Communities model provides direction on how to both understand and address the root causes of concentrated poverty. Hear about why this model makes all the difference from Reverend Carl Pointer, a member of the United Communities Association of South Fort Worth, a partner with Purpose Built Communities Network member Renaissance Heights United in Fort Worth, Texas.

Elevating People and Communities

Making an impact in one community is important; creating a model that can be adapted and have an impact in numerous communities across the country is a game-changer. Over the past #10YearsofPurpose, the Purpose Built Communities model has proven that a holistic approach to neighborhood revitalization can be effective in dozens of cities across the country. Nancy Andrews is the former President and CEO of the Low Income Investment Fund, a community development financial institution (CDFI) that provides innovative capital solutions that support healthy families and communities across the country.