October 13, 1-4 pm ET

This Learning Lab is a continuation of the Staff trainings in June (6/15) and September (9/14). Participation in either the June session or the September session is required for this session.

Our goals for session #2 include:

  • Offer space to share about organizational racial equity choice points with PB members/peers
  • Hold space for personal and group reflections about race and racial equity
  • Build relationships, sense of common work, and connection among network participants
  • Collectively process the realistic opportunities and challenges of applying the organizational culture frameworks and tools from session #1 (6/15 and 9/14)

Meet the Facilitators:
Malcolm Shanks and Nayantara Sen

Email April Callen
Or call: 770.633.1906


Space is limited to 50 seats.

Would you like to receive individual coaching or support to better understand, apply, or identify racial equity choice points in your organization’s work? If so, April Callen will follow up with you to schedule a time to meet.