Addressing the Many Components of Poverty

To effectively address intergenerational poverty, it’s essential to take a more holistic approach than just looking at education, housing, or community wellness on their own.

Doug Jutte, MD, MPH is Executive Director of the Build Healthy Places Network, a national organization that catalyzes and supports collaboration across the sectors of community development and health with the goal of increasing investment in low-income neighborhoods, maximizing the health benefits of these investments, and improving outcomes measurement.

More from Dr. Doug Jutte

Dr. Jutte moderated a panel about the health harms of impoverished neighborhoods and why doctors increasingly see the work of community development organizations as critical to making communities better at the 2015 Purpose Built Communities Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. Watch the video now.

Read an insightful article Dr. Jutte co-wrote with Purpose Built Communities’ Carol Naughton on how a partnership between a healthcare network and community members in Orlando is an example of the critical role the healthcare industry can play in improving neighborhoods in their footprint.