Planning the revitalization of Omaha’s 75 North neighborhood, from left, Othello Meadows III, Executive Director, 75 North; John Majors, Vice President, Purpose Built Communities; and Todd Lieberman, Vice President, Brinshore Development LLC.

Overhauling Omaha

Seventy Five North Revitalization, Inc. was formed in 2010 with the objective of revitalizing North Omaha, a community that has some of the worst rates of crime and poverty in the country. The focal point of this initiative is the site of the former Pleasantview Homes housing project, which was demolished in 2009. With the backing of philanthropist Susan Buffett, Seventy Five North has put together a leadership organization that is committed to the Purpose Built Communities model for holistic revitalization.

Seventy Five North Revitalization is focusing on holistic neighborhood revitalization initiatives that will introduce mixed-income housing choices and quality educational opportunities into a neighborhood that has been neglected for decades. Backed by a dynamic leadership group, Seventy Five North is determined to impart significant change.

Seventy Five North

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By the Numbers

  • DEVELOPMENT Land aquired for redevelopment as a mixed-income housing community 35-acre tract