• 4,696 People live in the Castlemont community, with one in four living in poverty. 87% of the housing stock in the area is over 50 years old, illustrating the urgent need for new investment in housing for area residents.
  • 1,000 Students from K-8 will be served over the next five years by newly the opened Castlemont Primary Academy and Castlemont Junior Academy.
  • 700+ Youth served through an onsite health center. Health and wellness programs provide holistic, accessible care in a community setting. Primary health and mental health services are offered on-site in our 4,500 square-foot clinic.

From Eight to Eighty

Since opening in 2005, YU has gone from eight to nearly eighty staff, emerging as East Oakland's leading community transformation engine. Housed in what was once an abandoned supermarket, YU is now a 25,000 square-foot state-of-the-art community transformation center annually serving about 3000 unduplicated Alameda County youth, ages 13-24. With a campus that includes an onsite health clinic, an internet café and a multimedia center, YU offers core programming in four areas: Career and Education, Health and Wellness, Civic Engagement, and Media Arts and Expression. YU also operates a Social Enterprise Hub that creates jobs and provides industry-specific training in high-growth sectors that facilitate a young person's transition into the workforce and nurture educational opportunities.

Quarterbacking a New Era

Castlemont Renaissance grew out of Youth UpRising, a respected 10+ year old nonprofit focused on community transformation through youth leadership development and system change. Castlemont Renaissance is seeking to ensure current and future residents will live in a safe, healthy and prosperous neighborhood. The Castlemont community is the first Purpose Built Community in California.

Target Area

Youth UpRising’s target region is geographically defined as the area south of High Street extending to the city border below MacArthur Blvd—comprising approximately 35 square miles , 27 census tracts and a population of 120,290 of which youth 14-24 comprise 17% (20,629) of the total.

An Investment in the Future

Preparing underserved local youth for higher education and fulfilling careers is one of the best investments Youth UpRising can make. It not only promotes financial security for individuals and their families but spurs economic growth in the community. We work with a broad range of youth, from those primed for a four-year university to those struggling to graduate high school. We help our members complete high school or their equivalency exam and guide them through the transition to post-secondary education.